B) 10.4.2 Answer the following questions using your own language and the information provided in the text: 1. What

B) 10.4.2 Answer the following questions using your own language and the information provided in the text: 1. What leads to the initial confusion where people mistake Guidos images for actual animals? 2. What is the procedure Guido follows prior to crafting a hand-imal? 3. What specific challenges does Guido encounter, and how does he address them? 4. How does Guido emotionally react when his artworks are destroyed daily, and what is the reason behind this sentiment?

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Certainly! Let’s break down the answers to each of these questions:

  1. People initially mistake Guido’s images for real animals because he creates incredibly lifelike and detailed sculptures that resemble the animals he portrays. His skill in crafting these sculptures is so convincing that it fools people into thinking they are looking at actual animals.

  2. Before crafting a «hand-imal,» Guido follows a meticulous procedure. He carefully observes and studies the real animal he intends to create, paying attention to every detail of its appearance and behavior. Then, he sculpts the animal’s image with great precision, focusing on capturing its essence.

  3. Guido encounters specific challenges in his work. One challenge is the delicate and intricate nature of his sculptures, which require immense patience and attention to detail. To address these challenges, Guido perseveres and dedicates himself to perfecting his craft, ensuring that his hand-imals are as realistic as possible.

  4. When Guido’s artworks are destroyed daily, he experiences a mix of emotions, including frustration and disappointment. The reason behind these sentiments is the effort and passion he invests in his creations. Seeing his hard work destroyed repeatedly is disheartening, as he takes great pride in his artistry and the lifelike quality of his sculptures.

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  1. Что происходит, когда люди спутывают изображения Guido с настоящими животными? Какие шаги предпринимает Guido перед созданием hand-imal? С какими сложностями сталкивается Guido, и как он их решает? Как эмоционально реагирует Guido, когда его произведения исчезают каждый день, и в чем причина этого чувства?


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