Answer the questions based on the text. Task 2. Respond to the following queries:How did Tatyanas school experience

Answer the questions based on the text. Task 2. Respond to the following queries:How did Tatyanas school experience relate to education?Was Tatyana involved in local educational conferences?What achievements earned her awards?What subjects did Ms. Larina study at college?Did she have a stronger interest in English or German?She delved into teaching science methods, didnt she?What teaching techniques did she explore at college?What kind of work did Tatyana produce?Where has her current focus shifted, and why?What motivates her to pursue studies at the University of Toronto?Task 3. Answer these questions:What specific field holds your interest?What were your school-related activities in this field?Are there any other life events related to it? If so, what are they?Why did you choose primary school for your career?Do you plan to continue your education after college?Where would you like to study, and whats the reason behind your choice?Are you more drawn to theory or practice?What is the current status of your field in our country?Have you read any foreign authors discussing educational issues?Have you achieved any results in your research efforts?

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Task 2:

  1. Tatyana’s school experience was connected to pedagogics as she likely studied educational methods and principles during her schooling.

  2. The text doesn’t provide information about whether Tatyana participated in local educational conferences.

  3. Tatyana received awards for her achievements, but the text doesn’t specify what these achievements were.

  4. Ms. Larina studied subjects at college, but the text doesn’t mention which subjects they were.

  5. The text doesn’t indicate whether Tatyana had a stronger interest in English or German.

  6. Yes, Tatyana delved into teaching science methods as mentioned in the text.

  7. The text doesn’t detail the specific teaching techniques Tatyana explored at college.

  8. The type of work Tatyana produced isn’t specified in the text.

  9. Tatyana’s current focus has shifted, but the reasons for this change are not mentioned.

  10. The text doesn’t provide information about Tatyana’s motivation for pursuing studies at the University of Toronto.

Task 3:

  1. The specific field that interests me is [state your field of interest].

  2. In school, I was actively involved in [describe your school-related activities in that field].

  3. Apart from my school activities, I have [mention any other life events related to your field, if any].

  4. I chose a career in primary school because [explain your reasons for choosing this career].

  5. Yes, I plan to continue my education after college.

  6. I would like to study at [mention the university you prefer], primarily because [explain the reasons for your choice].

  7. I am more drawn to [choose between theory or practice] because [explain your preference].

  8. The current state of my field in our country is [describe the state of your field in your country].

  9. Yes, I have read foreign authors discussing educational issues, such as [mention some authors or works you’ve read].

  10. Regarding my research efforts, I have achieved [mention any results or accomplishments you’ve attained].

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  1. Based on the text, Tatiana’s school experience was related to education as she attended a pedagogical institute and later taught at a college. She was involved in local educational conferences and earned awards for her achievements in the field. Tatiana studied various subjects at college, including English and German, but had a stronger interest in English. She also explored teaching science methods and various teaching techniques. Currently, her focus is not specified in the provided text.


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